That's why we're building a platform for your Internal World

What's Is Reality Designers?

What's our why?  Where are we going? What are we doing? What's the purpose? What are we trying to accomplish? Who are we?  

These are the questions we all have had at some point in time, right? Maybe you are having these thoughts about our your own life right now. That's why we exist.  

Our fundamental goal is to approach questions of this nature and continuously provide solutions that can create impact - individually, and collectively.

Who Are We? Who Are You?

We are a small group of individuals, mostly faceless, nameless, not easily categorizable or labeled into a box, nor adhering to any specific philosophy or overarching belief system other than that we believe humans can do better - if directed to understand themselves first, before approaching to find solutions in the external world.  

We're dreamers, developers, healers, engineers, realists, and everyday common people guided by the truth and carrying a willingness to one universal purpose - Design A Reality That Benefits All Involved.

We are the voice for the people interweaved within the fabric of society which largely go unnoticed, and we come with the purpose of understanding and reading the subtle terrain of the ever-changing environment and needs of our society.

We're here to dynamically guide and curate our future leaders and initiate and direct movements forward that benefit larger goals beyond profit and gain, power or pleasure, or what is trendy and new.  

Our currency is energy - it always has been, some of us has known this for a long time, and some of us are now remembering.  

We're here to help humanity recollect this fact by creating resources and making universal maps of understanding so that we may all exist on the same page, so we can design a new timeline.

What If?

What is there was a network of people contributing to a growing repository of knowledge and building a living documentation about Reality itself? - offered to us with the main objective of exploring and discovering the truth of experience and self-actualization?

What if it was more than that?

What if the purpose of it was to design a map back to ourselves in a way that unlocks our full potential - and how this was achieved was through a universal adoption of agreed upon and accepted ways of being with methods and actions for human operation?

What if it wasn't rigid, dogmatic, or with crazy rules that kept our psychological structures in a box, but actually allowed us to feel free and more accepting and understanding of ourselves and each-other while at the same time, incentivizing us to uphold standards that have been proven to be beneficial to ourselves, and create harmony in the world?

What if learning about the world we all live in, was exciting? Instead of inventing new ways to escape our lives with social media, what if we created students whose occupation was studying life, and what was most important to them?

What if the new language we constructed was a living syntax for creating dynamic formulas that allowed us to universally understand the relationships between objects, without emotional based reactivity?

What if learning about the world we all live in, and the reality we could design for all of us was exciting?

Instead of inventing new ways to escape our lives with social media, what if we created students whose occupation was studying life, and what was most important to them and kept finding ways to support them, and encourage them to be different?

Where We're Going

More than ever we all can feel a collective closeness to one another, while simultaneously feeling farther and farther away, separated by ideas and beliefs that we wouldn't otherwise try to interpret or push on one another if we weren't told to.

There is a wall between us and it's completely invisible. It's fully perceptual, and it's growing day by day.

Our overall mentality towards solving the issues we face today first begins with finding solutions towards completing ourselves before approaching the world with our great ideas. Our first project for that will be INTERNAL WORLD - a space to learn about how to design your reality by designing your energy.

We fundamentally believe that when Humans are in alignment with themselves that they will find alignment with one another - and when we're all aligned and on the same page in that way, the majority of issues we now face become trivial - since most issues we face today are a combination of mis-interpreted points of view and mis-understood value systems.

Our Values

We believe that within the very genetic structure of your being is a quality to your nature that is in search for something more, a connection greater.

Fundamentally, embedded within our DNA is a desire for purpose, and meaning. It's as if we're looking for something. What is it?

- Philosophers called it The Mystery
- Energy Healers called it Ether
- Religionists called it God
- Ancients called it Maya
- Spirituality calls it the Universe

We don't have a name for it - but we're in search of it too, and we're here to open source our findings of it - wherever it is and whichever path we need to take to find it and get there - we will share it all.

Most of the disagreements amongst cultures is in the differences between how language contextualizes the perceived best mode of action towards connecting with this something greater.

It's a strange irony in that we can assume our individual ideas must fit perfectly for someone else irregardless of the stage of life they're in.

From a historical perspective, this usually has never been a method that improves civilizations - it destroys it.

We also recognize that our geographical location and the area we live will determine the core assets we accumulate which we use to build the components of what our own theme of what ideal spiritual living looks like. Our essential approach is that we do not aim to force perspectives or realms of thought on any individual.

At Reality Designers, our main vision is to create a universal language of understanding for the invisible constructs and principles we're all interacting with in our daily lives, and use this map to communicate to the world more effectively what the next steps are that we can take to improve the structures of society.

The integrity of each person, adjusted for their sentient nature, and freedom and ability to create any perception within any domain for any reason is the only foundational view we wish for everyone to adopt as a basis for operation.

It is our primary goal to offer an opportunity to see into the quantum information highway we've been assembling - and we hope that you may join us, in any capacity that can further assist this mission.

Unlocking Worlds Inside Minds