We're Building
An Operating System For
Your Mind

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Welcome to Internal World - the new way to meditate.

At the center of the you-inverse is a magnetic, central bubble of energy and pulsing light frequencies that are generating all of known existence - even you.

Beneath the Surface and perception of your external world, is a mechanism of consciousness that is waiting to be understood. Underneath you is a set of systems that we have only just began to redefine. 

Exploring this internal interface will result in discovering an alternate version of yourself, with a new life, a new reality - a new you.

We call this space, your Internal World, because it's yours, it's ours - it's a place we can create and share together.

It's a place where your mind and body connect - a world inside, with the possibility to change your destiny - a Portal within this world that only you have the key for.

We're here to help you build your key, by collecting the materials and showing you where to find them, to shaping it, and optimizing the blueprint, and even how and where to use it - to go through the doors made only for you.

After all, this is not a physical key, it's an ethereal key made of components, created from traits and abilities you will learn from exploring states of consciousness and self awareness.

We are simply here to help you remember your tools - so you can be who you were built to be.

Let's Begin ReDefining You + Reality


From the beginning of this project, we had many questions about what this would need to look like - considering all the variables and refining the intention.

Which elements are uniquely personal, and which are universal elements that would be beneficial for anyone to learn?

How would one get started with this new way to approach energy? How can we display and visualize the patterns?

Is there a way to create descriptions with step by step instructions, while allowing freedom to have your own experience?

In many ways, trying to map out the limitless of internal space and capturing the most important mechanics involved of how the self is made isn't the easiest thing to do.

It was as if we were trying to invent a language for describing what was happening inside ourselves.

So that's it. We Made A Language


Essentially when trying to find peace or happiness - there is this commonly known practice called Meditation.

Meditation is simple. The idea is to sit and find a quiet place, tune out from the world, focus on your breath, and connect to your center.

There are a variety of different styles of meditation, but ultimately the general idea is to apply attention to your body, and become the observer of everything and drift off into nothingness.

For a while, this approach works, and for others, maybe it still does work.

However for the majority - you will reach a plateau in receiving benefits from this practice, and perhaps go from style to style - in search of a greater truth to your existence.

You may even find yourself navigating from one religious idea to another - carrying their thoughts, tradition, and ideas to assist you.

You may use their methods to help propel into the state of mind of past or current users of a certain philosophy - waiting for those similar realizations you've heard about to also come to you.

It's a state of mind. A mysterious set of realizations that no one can specifically tell you what it is, or how to get there.

There's always one more book to read. One more guru - one realization away from accessing the the truth.

It's a loop. It was designed to be. Or maybe it wasn't, but it feels like it, right? 

To get out of the loop you have to to do something different. Really different.

You have to log into your internal world, and begin designing how you want to experience your reality.

Begin by shaping your internal self experience, consciously - as if it were a world you can build from the inside.

Building components and installing them into your self.

Expanding from your center, in all directions. Defining the edges and exploring the landscape, and it's textures.

Creating portals to step into, and creating templates of being, that remain as checkpoints of remembering.

Going on internal missions to discover and recapture Traits, and learning how to identify what you need next, from where you are.

Life used to feel like a journey - a mission. Everything was new. Everything had a certain imprint and significance to your time here on Earth.

When Did You Stop Believing Reality Was A Game? 

This is your first Choice Point.